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Introducing 21st Century Machine Tool Safety Technology

Flesh-sensing Safety Technology for Metal Cutting and Fabrication

Flesh-sensing Safety Technology for Metal Cutting and FabricationEffective July 2012, Whirlwind flesh-sensing technology is being used in metal cutting and fabrication.  With a simple modification to our woodworking guards we are able to cut metal on a band saw and two types of our table saws.  This opens entirely new markets for our patent assignee.  VIEW PHOTOS

This new technology creates amazing improvements in machine tool safety and we are offering to assign our cornerstone patents to industry at a low cost in order see products brought to market quickly and build a new market segment for such products.

For product development, the especially good news is that these technological safety improvements may not only be incorporated into new machines, they may also be offered for most existing machines that date back even half a century or more.

Our machine tool aftermarket Black Box offering requires no electrical field modification to provide operator flesh-sensing and non-destructive emergency braking which also serves as a training device for safer machine operation.  While first developed for table saws, Whirlwind technology may be used on a number of otherwise dangerous machine tools and the potential market for such devices seems nearly unlimited.

Lately in response to inquires from around the world about braking a particular type of machine, I find myself repeating: 'If we can guard it; we can stop it.' That will of course apply to our patent assignee as well; imagination and ingenuity are all that is required to add another machine guard design to this product line.

If you are in a position to take advantage of this extraordinary business opportunity, please contact us for confidential discussions.  Besides acquiring our patent portfolio and accompanying IP, we will provide after sale technical support to assist our assignee with rapid product development.

David Butler

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