Machine Tool Safety Patents For Sale

Whirlwind Tool Company founder and inventor David Butler has announced that he is selling his US Patents for disruptive technology related to machine tool safety. Patents US 8,082,825 and US 8,336,432 will stop machines in less than one second when his system senses a dangerous condition. Published patent application US 2015/0212512 A1 is also for sale. This patent application relates to (IoT: read more) data logging of machine tool safety practices which can be monitored and controlled remotely. This US patent is expected to issue in 2019 and will have a major impact on global workers-insurance industry for years to come. The Whirlwind systems are non-destructive. The machine can be immediately restarted and the operator learns of an unsafe operation of the machine. Whirlwind website visits number over a million hits and inquiries reflect a global demand for products from major and small business, governments, schools and individuals.

Prospective buyer inquires will be held in strict confidence through a suitable non-disclosure agreement.

Black Box Prototype Photos

This is our latest PROTOTYPE model blade enclosure operating with our Whirlwind BLACK BOX attached to the side of this popular contractor saw. Like most, this saw required NO electrical modification for Whirlwind, although we did temporarily remove the original power switch to avoid confusing the operator with two power switches. Using the Whirlwind patented flesh-sensing guard and enclosure all the common table saw operations that are usually considered the most dangerous can be performed far more safely as our photo examples demonstrate.

If you are working with a large assembly or cutting sheet goods, your hands need not be positioned anywhere near the spinning blade and if necessary you can easily remove this blade enclosure for those operations and bypass the flesh-sensing safety feature using a safety key switch.

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