The BLACK BOX 'Plug & Play' Flesh-Sensing Saw Safety Stop

Black Box Flesh Sensing Tool Brake by Whirlwind Tool

Senses when fingers are in danger and STOPS the saw blade in 1/8 OF A SECOND!

Developed by veteran woodworker David Butler, the patented Whirlwind Tool BLACK BOX table saw emergency blade brake is a simple bolt-on/removable device which can be easily and inexpensively incorporated into use with millions of existing saws and machine tools. The prototypes showcased on this site differ from all previous table saw blade guards and emergency blade brakes, with a built-in "electronic fence" blade enclosure. Removable, extended safety shields can be wide or narrow to offer varying safety margin depending on user comfort and experience.

If the operator approaches or touches the clear blade guard fence, the proximity detector will immediately shut down the saw motor and stop the blade, without damage, in one-eighth of a second — long before the operator can contact the spinning blade. The saw can be restarted almost immediately. Table saw miter cuts, bevels, narrow rip cuts, non-through cuts and dadoes have all been implemented with the BLACK BOX prototype.

Whirlwind Tool Black Box Key Features

  • Proximity Flesh Sensing technology
  • Stops blade/tool within 1/8 second
  • Plug & Play, removable
  • No electrical modifications
  • Varying degrees of protection
  • Inexpensive relative to market options
  • Non-destructive
  • Restart immediately
  • Fits existing saw/machine tools
  • Works on wood or metal
  • Integrated LED lighting
  • Integrated sawdust removal
  • Attach to virtually any dangerous machine tool
  • Accommodates Various Enclosures

Black Box Prototype Gallery