The BLACK BOX Employed with Metal Cutting

Black Box Flesh Sensing Safety for Metal Work

Senses when fingers are in danger and STOPS the saw blade in 1/8 OF A SECOND!

Developed by veteran woodworker David Butler, the patented Whirlwind Tool BLACK BOX table saw emergency blade brake is a simple bolt-on/removable device which can be easily and inexpensively incorporated into use with millions of existing saws and machine tools. The prototypes showcased on this site differ from all previous table saw blade guards and emergency blade brakes, with a built-in "electronic fence" blade enclosure. Removable, extended safety shields can be wide or narrow to offer varying safety margin depending on user comfort and experience.

This is our latest PROTOTYPE model blade enclosure operating with our Whirlwind BLACK BOX in use for metal cutting and fabrication. With a simple modification to our woodworking guards we are able to cut metal on a band saw and two types of our table saws. While first developed for table saws, Whirlwind technology may be used on a number of otherwise dangerous machine tools and the potential market for such devices seems nearly unlimited.

Black Box Prototype Metal Cutting Gallery