Disruptive Technology Patents For Sale

US Patents held by Whirlwind Tool

US Patents US 8,082,825, US 8,336,432 and US 10,684,601 are technology breakthroughs related to machine tool safety for which there is proven global demand.

Each patent is known as ‘disruptive technology’ and the recently issued US 10,684,601 IoT patent is expected to disrupt the workers’ insurance industry with brand new technology. A sale will include the intellectual property noted above, this website which has received more than a million hits globally from 120 countries, plus a database of hundreds of written product requests from major industries, governments, schools, and individuals. All proof-of-concept prototypes will be included in the sale.

Whirlwind Tool Company founder and inventor David Butler has developed multiple patents for flesh-sensing safety technology and devices that can help prevent life-altering operator injuries from table saws and other machine tools.

Butler calls the company’s core device the Black Box, because it can be attached to any of millions of existing machines including woodworking tables saws, band saws, jig saws and more. The Black Box device controls the electrical power supplied to the machine and can sense the operator’s flesh coming too close or in contact with a blade enclosure. Upon sensing the danger of the operator’s proximity to the spinning or active blade, the Black Box stops the machine in a fraction of a second without causing any damage to the machine which may be immediately started by the operator. The emergency stop serves as a warning and learning aid to the operators of these dangerous machines. Butler also holds a published US Patent Application, for 5G IoT — machine control and data logging station for monitoring both safety features and machine tool utilization history without requiring any human intervention.

Whirlwind Tool Patents

  • #1. US 8,082,825 introduces "flesh-sensing" safety for dangerous machine tools. 
  • #2. US 8,336,432 introduces the "Black Box" that can be attached to billions of existing dangerous machine tools to serve as a monitor the machine tool safety operations and bring the tool to a rapid stop in less than one second. The machine will not be damaged and may be restarted immediately after the operator has learned of an unsafe operation.
  • #3. US 10,684,601 advances the above technologies into the realm of 5G IoT - Machine control and data logging station for monitoring both safety features and machine tool utilization history without requiring any human intervention. This latest technology addresses the benefits of conveniently monitoring the operation of dangerous machine tools over an extended period of time to help insure that the recommended safety features and safe practices are routinely being followed. This technology will SHUT-DOWN a machine and render it impossible to restart until the stakeholder owners correct the problem. Meanwhile, the constantly changing safety statistics for each machine, operator and owner/company are updated FOREVER. Basically this is revolutionary in that millions of machines can be monitored for safety practices 24x7x365  If any violation of safe practices is discovered it will be digitally reported to monitoring stations thousands of miles away that gather information and alert the machine owners, insurance companies and any other stakeholders.